Well today we had a seminar

One of the those seminars today, for TMIS ( Tourism Management Institute of Singapore) the Singaporean presenter  guy was OK , I guess , cool fellow. About  100 people  came. Most of the audience was not too bored and asked some good questions although I had to prod them a bit to produce.  The kids got some good listening practice but how much they understood of his Singlish I really have no idea.(when I say Singlish, I do not mean to be derogatory in any way, for me it just means English in a Singaporean accent) ,They were nodding their heads sometimes so I guess the gist got through or they totally misunderstood him . But anyway, a good day !

Well tomorrow I’m back to teaching lessons , the woeful  (  LOL   LOL )   TOEFL , I may call it that but I actually like teaching that class. I’ve got some good new ideas how to teach writing . Pity that the TOEFL textbooks are so boring . Well ,it’s my responsibilty to make them at least digestable if not tasty for the students. 

I also have to  think about what I’m gonna write in this blog too.  I’ll be posting stuff in Burmese too before long . I’m having someone type in the Burmese stuff cos I don’t know how to type in that language.(That is if I can figure out how to do the fonts etc…)

 The weather here in Mandalay is ” searing ” hot.My skin feels like it’s peeling off like a banana skin . The heat is so , so….aaaaaarrrrrrghhhhhhhh …….., it kind of  seeps into your pores and microwaves your innards and more critically the ” bean ”  aka ” the brain”.

Thank goodness we have the elec supply for 12 hours starting from 5pm this evening . Last night ,I was sweating like a p…g and woke up lathered in sweat or should I be polite and say “pespiration”?

The students and I  will be writing comments about the good ,the bad and the ugly about this town we live in ,  in following posts, so drop in once in a while .

And another thing….. in this blog will have various and at times nutty observations and info about learning languages, getting by in school , life and so on and so forth , anything that happens to strike our fancy. But the stuff will be interesting, we’re sure ( or more like ,we hope )

Thanks for dropping by. Ciao /Sayonara /Cheers for now!


(and later on  his students ) 

Anyway the summer school for kids has filled up nicely, and the wifey is V V busy and herds them along quite well ,I think.


~ by bestmandalay on March 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “Well today we had a seminar”

  1. Master Yoda,

    It’s quite interesting to read, but I think you should write more about the seminar. Well, you know, I want to know more what the seminar was about and what the audience asked, and such so.

    Young Jet-I

  2. OK HZ , I’ll be writing in later posts what the seminars are about.
    Thanks for dropping in. And write some of your own opinions about this town . I’ll publish them on the front home page .

    See you

    Master Yoda

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