Click on the links and what do you want to read about ?

Hi everyone,

Don’t forget to click on the links cos they’re good and interesting ( Read the “guide to the links ” page too ). Right now they’re about learning English ,finding jobs ( abroad) and studying in Singapore . Lots of new stuff is going to be added soon.

 If there is any topic you would like me to write about , tell me . I’ll do my best and write the piece. If your topic  concerns ,interests everyone, ever so much the better.

 And I do invite suggestions to make this blog better. If you’re English isn’t that good , use the chatroom Burglish in your comments and questions . No problem . But not all the time guys, OK !


~ by bestmandalay on March 28, 2007.

2 Responses to “Click on the links and what do you want to read about ?”

  1. Dear Mr Soe Lwin,
    I’m honestly deeply impressed by the blog already! Hope the students will take it on and make it really lively. Mandalay needs this kind of stuff.

    Good luck & take care,

  2. Hi there YYT

    I’m encouraging students to write up pieces for the blog and I think we’ll be able to enjoy them before long.

    See you soon


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