Your opinions please

Everyone ,

Give me your opinions on the following stuff in the comments section below OK ?

1.The best computer training school in MDY & Yangon

2. The best internet cafe shop in MDY & Yangon

3. The best teashop for  younger people in MDY & Yangon

4. The best big. medium sized and big hotels in MDY& Yangon

5. The best Myanmar ( Burmese)Indian , Chinese , Yunnan barbeque,

        Western  style restaurants   in MDY & Yangon

6. The best computer game center/arcade in MDY  & Yangon

7. The best bookshop in MDY & Yangon

8. The best things to do in MDY & Yangon

9. The best place to go shopping/ window shopping in MDY & Yangon

10. The best places for foreigners to go to ,in and around MDY &Yangon

11. The best place to go early in the morning /evening  in MDY & Yangon

12. The best Shan noodle shop in MDY&Yangon

13. The best night / evening market in MDY & Yangon

14. The best place to buy fresh  fruit in MDY & Yangon

15. The best place to have a beer in evening in MDY & Yangon

And don’t forget to add the places’ addresses/whereabouts and  the reason why you think it’s the best  in MDY & Yangon.

( And to avoid confusion and tears I want to clarify that I mean the best places for “ each” city, not the best in both cities ) 

Thanks a million


~ by bestmandalay on March 28, 2007.

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