Improving your English outside of class


Well , as the title says I’m going to suggest how to make your English better.

Okie dokie, here we go !

1.       Read this blog regularly ! And look for spelling mistakes in it !

2.       Join a library ( The BC or British Council centre at the SY buildings btw:           30th x  31st,   77th x 78th is a good place to borrow books, listen to tapes    and        stuff,   use their internet for free, read 2-3 day old newspapers and  watch movies.

The guy/librarians  at the desk are two of the most handsome guys in MDY , tell them you know me USL . ( and they might throw you out …….. just kidding )

The airconditioning is nice and cold too, so it’s  a great place to pop into when the sun is too bright and you have an hour or two free.

The students there are encouraged to speak English , so start conversations with other guys there . Don’t be too Burmese ! Introduce yourself to a total stranger there ( your own age and sex  is better but …… just joking). Talk to anyone .

 Ask them if they know USL from BEST. Then start criticizing me if it will start a conversation. Or the etenally fresh intro line ” Have I seen you somewhere before  ? You look very familar ! …” and  so on and so forth.

Or just ” Hi , I’m _____. You come here often ?”

3.   Talk to anyone who speaks English in ” English “. Ask them lots of questions .( Memorize at least 20 questions/ tell me about ….. type starters to use )  

I’ll give you a list too , but make your own first.

4.   Try to THINK in the language

5.   Try to get as much general knowledge as possible  and keep up with the current news or you   won’t have anything to say or discuss when you do meet people .

Find out /learn about Myanmar in English , so you can explain, give advice , lie about  your beloved country etc   to the foreigners you happen to meet.

6.    Attend as many seminars and presentations given in English as you can.Especially the the ones recruiting students, Ask a lot of questions at their Q & A sessions.

7.   Watch movies with English subtitles, then watch them again with the words plastered over.

8. Take the TOEFL or the IELTS tests just for fun to see how good or how …. you are.

9. Don’t blame yourself or your genes if you are a slow learner   or are unusually shy.USL is also a shy person too.. LOL LOL

So try not to be shy. Bite your lip before you talk to someone , pinch your self , pretend that the person you are talking to is a baby or a poodle .

10. Smile and try to be friendly. It’s sometimes not an English /language  problem you know. Also always try to make friends with smiling ,friendly people.

11. Don’t ever ever be worried about making mistakes. And don’t care about what people think of you or your English. Be a GODZILLA. Have no fear of the puny earthlings !

12. Join an English language chat room and practice there. There’s one for students in the links .  Go to the English language practice websites on the links page and start practising listen ,grammer etc.

Don’t just chat in Burglish ( Burmese written in the roman alphabet) in those  MIRC chat rooms . Or do both at the same time !

13.  Learn as many songs as you can in English and sing them from memory.

14. Read every packet /packaging/ pamplet in English that you can get your hands on .Read all the signs, signboards written in English and try to figure out their meanings. ( But not while you are riding your motorcycle or bicycle )

15. Guess the meaning of all those words in English that you see , read and hear. It doesn’t matter if you’re wrong , it’s not a final test or anything. You can always check in a dictionary or ask someone later. 

16. Write down a list of your own opinions about everything that comes to mind in English.  And tell people your opinions/ what you think in English . Being direct in English is OK most of the time.

16. Keep it in mind ( remember ) or keep saying to yourself ” Learning a lanuage is not as difficult as nuclear quantum chaotic biomolecular astrophysics “.

17. Have faith in yourself . I have faith in you , OK !


More to come …..



~ by bestmandalay on March 29, 2007.

One Response to “Improving your English outside of class”

  1. hi,
    thanks for ur blog.
    i m also from mdy.but, now not at mdy.
    i would like to sit itelts exam sooner.i want to get high band score.pls advice me.i m studying english as much as possible when i have free time.
    thanks for everythings.

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