Happy Myanmar New Year


Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to make the blog better  and made a mess of it and the result was I didn’t know how to get in to the blog myself for two days . Anyways I also have been watching a lot of football late at night and was a bit sleepy too. I have find out how to put pictures ( pics ) on the blog too.  Have you seen the above earthlings before ?

So the Water Festival  will be upon us  soon and everyone’s thoughts are on it /the holidays. My classes wind down on the coming Wednesday .So I’ll be having a rest too.

Have fun with the water  ! Don’t do anything dangerous and I’ll see you after the WF here in the blog or in class.

( I’ll have a lot of interesting stuff next time u visit here as I’ll be posting during the WF too )

See Ya



~ by bestmandalay on April 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “Happy Myanmar New Year”

  1. Hi,sir
    I read your blog everday and find it interesting and fun.It is very useful for students like us …….thanks

    Happy Myanmar New Year

  2. Happy Water Festival(thingYan) !!!
    I love ur photo .. it’s sence strange

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