It was the weekend before the Water Festival



Well , Hi everyone , Lots of kids have decided to give the classes a miss this weekend and  I think a lot of them will be absent in the next 2-3 days too. Well, they need their fun and games. I did when I was younger, still need some now and then.  Anyway , all students are getting ready for the festival  big-time. Getting new hair-do’s ,trying to get money out of their parents, arranging jeeps and persuading friends to join them , registering at meditation centres ( yes , there are a lot of holy-roly-polies in my classes )etc  They say that there are 110 stages set up around the Moat , doesn’t look that many to me though.  The sun is screaming hot.I don’t think I’ll be doing anything during the WF . I’ll be writing new posts /gathering info about preparing to study abroad and what it ‘s  like when you  get there, also  scholarship information , although if you want it now go to It’s written in Myanmar. See you soon


~ by bestmandalay on April 8, 2007.

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