Why do students come to English Language classes ?

I think I can come up with lots of answers

1. To improve their English language skills ( That’s what they all say but …)

2. To please their parents

3. Because it’s the cool thing to do

4. Because their friends are attending

5. Because its  what everyone does

6. To  learn enough to  pass an exam or just get through  a personal interview for work etc.

7. To get be with or to get a   boy/girl friend

8. To get out of the house

9. To get to go on picnics

10. Because someone told them that they need to learn a bit if they go abroad to study or work

Probably there are lots more reasons .

But what I say is that : YOU ARE ALL WELCOME

Let’ s learn as much as possible while you’re at class.

 I’ll do my best to make classes interesting and useful for you too.


( My next post will be on how coming to language classes can benefit you ,other than the points given above )


~ by bestmandalay on April 9, 2007.

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