Studying abroad info

Hi everyone,

Any of you students who want the latest information about the following schools or studyng abroad in July/August 2007 , contact my wife Daw Nan Thinn Thinn after 4 pm in the evening at 02- 36596  and/or make an appointment and  come and see her.

The schools are :

(1)          TMIS ( Tourism Mangaement Institute of Singapore)

(2)        Nayang Institute of Management

             ( Hotel  management studies)

(3)        Accounting Academies in Spore

(4)       Inswold School

             “A” level ,”O” level preparatory school for university entrance 

              around the world and scholarships

(5)      Informatics Singapore  (Computer studies)

Visit this site regularly for info /dates on my   short info-talks/seminars that I’m giving at school in the coming months.The talks will be be on :

(1) Studying abroad

(2) Choosing a career

(3) Applying for scholarships

If you have any suggestions on interesting topics ,we welcome them very much .



~ by bestmandalay on April 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “Studying abroad info”

  1. dear usl
    my sister is studying in singpore in august.she don’t know what things to buy and what not.could u plz suggest me what my sister should buy from myanmar?is clothe and shoes cheaper in mdy?

  2. Yes ngetuu
    It is definitely less expensive to buy clothes and shoes in Mdy. But most students just need to take and get by with a few pairs of jeans and some T-shirts. So buy most of the stuff in Mdy and the rest in Spore and don’t forget to take one outfit of your national/traditional costume for special occasions too.
    All medicines she takes along should have a doctor’s prescription and make sure she has her teeth checked and fixed by a dentist before she goes. The same applies for glasses if she wears them.
    Best of Luck

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