Best food ,drink and all in MDY

The best places for chow ( a slang word for food ) etc  , in my own  and my friends’ opinion and as of April 2007  are as follows  :

1. Best Yunnan-Chinese  style Barbeque  :

Shwe Pan Saing   Restaurant     30th X 66th corner

Shwe Khaing  Restaurant         33thX 82nd corner 

Yunnan Restaurant                   39th st Btw 78th & 79th

Kaung Kaung                            35th st  Btw  68th & 70th  

2 . Internet Cafes     :

Imagine   38th BTW 78th &79t   26th BTW 78th & 79th

 CityNet   80th BTW 30th & 31st

3. Cafes & Tea shops            : 

Minthiha     28th X 72nd corner

Friends      73rd   BTW 39thX 40th

Cafe City  66th st    , Near National theater

There’s one near the Nylon Hotel  83rd X 24th I think ( forgot the name ) 

4. Food Courts           :

 At Sky Walk Shopping Center, 2nd Fl. Yadanarbon Market ,  78th st BTW   33rd & 34th

At 4th fl of 78 Shopping Mall   78th Btw 37th & 38th

5.  Best places to buy computer parts and accessories :

     Innwa computer         73rd st BTW 30th&31st

     DCD                               82nd st    BTW 34th X 35th

     I-net computer             Yadanarbon Cyber Corporation  ,Yadanarbon 

                                           Market    78th BTW 33th& 34th        

6. Southern Indian Cuisine ( Chittee food )

    Lachimi 28th BTW 80th&81

   Pan Cherry   81st  BTW 27th & 28th

7.  Muslim food  and Biryani ( Danbauk )

     Karaweik 35th Btw 74th & 75th

                     26th & 83 rd corner

     Tin Win     35th  Btw 75th & 76 th 


8.  Myanmar/  Burmese Food      : 

  Tu Tu  Lay   27th St  Btw 74th & 75th

   Daw Lay May  73rd btw 29th & 30th

   Unison  78th  Btw 39th & 40th

   Daw Yee   80th X 81st and 18th X19th  compound

9. Shan Cuisine / Food :

Shan Yin Yin  62nd Btw 34th a& 35th      

Maw Kam Noon  31st Btw 80th & 81st

Shan Yoe Yar    23rd & 84th corner

10.  Cold Drinks & ice-cream

Nylon  83rd & 25th corner  

Paung Taw Thi   80th Btw 34th & 35th

Easy Ray    78th St Btw 32nd 33rd

Ko Ju       22nd & 83rd corner ( Drinking  Yoghurt )

            10:45 – 11:45 am ( Runs out very quickly )

11.   Bakeries :

        Dumbo     80th Btw 28th & 29th       

        KK             32nd Btw 81st &  82nd       

        Seasons     1st fl.   78 Shopping Mall , 78th st Btw , 37th & 38th sts

12. Bookshops

Nagar     83rd st  Btw 30th & 29th

Tun Oo   84th st  Btw 28th & 29th

13. Libraries :

British Council Library     SY compound, Btw 30st & 31st , 78th & 79th

14. Night open-air markets/ Bazzar

Night market    Btw  34th &35th , 77th & 78th

Night market    84th st  Btw 27th & 29th

15. Playing Billards / Pool :

Relax      3rd Fl. Yadanarbon Market 78th Btw 33rd & 34th

Fantasy World    78th st  Near the railway Station Btw 31st & 32nd ( I think )

16.   All kinds of Restaurants

Golden Duck      17th st & 80th corner ( Chinese )

No. 12                 Kandawgyi Lake Rd     ( Shan Chinese )

Ko’s Kitchen      19th & 80th corner   ( Thai )

Kaung Kaung      Kandawgyi Lake Rd   ( Barbeque & Chinese)

JJ’s                       Corner of 78th & 38th   ( Western & Chinese)

J34                       Corner of 34th & 73rd  ( Beer & Barbeque )

MD                       2nd Fl   Skywalk shopping mall 78th st Btw 33rd & 34th 


17.  Hotels

Hotel Mandalay 78th st Btw 37th & 38th

Power Hotel       80th st Btw  39th & 40th

Tain Phyu ( White Cloud) 29thst & 73 rd corner

Mandalay View Inn  66th Btw 26th & 27th  

Mandalay City Hotel  26 th Btw  82nd & 83rd

Sein Sein   81st Btw 32nd & 33rd  

Hongta   82nd st Btw 26th&27th ( Big rooms under reno but should be good soon )

  ( more to come )

Please look in the Lonely Planet and other guide books too ,they list a lot of convenient and inexpensive places for backpackers. 

18. Supermarkets :

City Mart   Supermarket  :   1st fl , 78 Shopping Mall 78th st Btw

                                                     37th & 38th

Blazon  Supermarket  : 80th st  Btw 28th & 29th sts

Orange Supermarket  : Skywalk shopping center , Yadanarbon

                                               Market 78th st Btw 33rd & 34th sts                                                    


~ by bestmandalay on April 23, 2007.

4 Responses to “Best food ,drink and all in MDY”

  1. may i know the best place to buy books in mdy?

  2. Htun Oo Book Shop . Near Zaycho market, corner of 28 or 29 (may b one) and 84 🙂

  3. i’ve read that ur class will move to mict park. will the tution fees rise?

  4. Nice interesting places!! Gonna explore more on those places when I pay a visit to MDY . Anyway, Not bad, Now I have a reference for eating and outgoing if I go to MDY again. Thanks.


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