Everyone is welcome to drop in

To all the readers/visitors from Burma / Myanmar  and around the world, thank you for reading this blog and I invite you to visit us here in Mandalay anytime .

 Just give me ( U Soe Lwin ) a phone call  (+95 – 02-36596 ) in advance .

Best Language School  is at :

Rm.10, 2nd /3rd Fl , NanYadanar Building ,37th st, Btw 78th & 79th sts ,Mandalay

Visit our classes . All the students would love to talk to you in English.


 U Soe Lwin 


And can someone tell the Lonely Planet that the range of places to eat etc. in their Myanmar  book is so limited .


~ by bestmandalay on April 28, 2007.

4 Responses to “Everyone is welcome to drop in”

  1. I’m glad to hear that there are some “true” scholars left in Mandalay……
    I wish Saya U Soe Lwin could enhance academic integrity of Burmese youth……
    I’d like to discuss more about Burma’s Education with you (U Soe Lwin) and/or students……

    All the way from Buffalo, NY…..


  2. Dear U Soe Lwin

    Thanks for keeping the blog. I expect to be in Mandalay in late October, and may drop in. Yes, I’ll call first. Before going to Myanmar I’ll probably be going to Bhutan, and after Myanmar it’s probably Cambodia.

    In the meantime, thanks for listing your favorite restaurants: I’ll print it and bring it with me.


    Dr. Calvin Klatt, Ottawa, Canada.

  3. Hi Calvin,
    You are most welcome to visit us .


  4. hello sayar,

    i hope everything running well in Mandalay. i am glad to read your website from the bottom of my heart.i hold that ur blog is the best of best. i don’t have doubt i am killing my time to visit ur website, pls keep moving, sharing your experience.Thanks million

    All the best,

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