Best of April 2007

1. Bird flu scares ( Don’t know if that’s the best news to begin


 2. I continue eating chicken ( very brave ,don’t you think or

     stupid maybe) 

3.  8 students of mine leave for Singapore to atttend 

     hotel,tourism, accounting ,computer schools.Altogether

     about 35 have left for there in the past 4 months. 

4. I work on my blog try to think of stuff to put on it. I enjoy it


5.  It’s getting real hot, the afternoons are only to be spent in the

     shade. The new shopping mall in a good place to hide from

     the sun .

6. A teacher of mine becomes a monk for seven days to please 

   his   mum. But his bald head afterwards ,probably didn’t 

   please his girlfriend tho ( but you never know )

7. Before the Water Festival the number of students in my

    classes drops substantially. I am left with a lot of extra hand-


8. The wife and I talk about going to the beach , then about the

    Inle lake, then we decide to stay at home during the

    Festivities and take a short trip to Maymyo instead. 

9. The Water Festival is quite fun , but moderate not so go-getting . Well with the economy in the state that it is . put together with the fears of the powers that be ,that the whole thing would get out of hand and their ” I don’t give a shit attitude” towards the populace made the whole festival down beat.

10. Myanmar/ Burmese students ( according to New Year custom    here in Mdy ) give me a lot of presents  .

   Thank You  and   My Best Wishes to You All.

   Being a teacher here is great, you   are still very much

   respected ( if you do your job well , that is )

  and you really become an integral part of the community. The

  community is really important here.Everyone knows everyone

  but not to the extent of a small town where everyone knows

  everything about everyone else .

11. One of my favourite sayings :

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”

11. And anyone who wants to know something about the Bel

     Air/ Falcon pyramid scheme ,disguised as a Multi-level Marketing  ,go    to :

These are the kind of things that happen when education and common sense is scant and  greed is in excess. Especially in countries like this and Albania etc will people fall for these scams .


~ by bestmandalay on April 30, 2007.

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