Some Books For Students To Read

Here is a list of books to read and enjoy . You can either buy them or go borrow them from a library  .

The list is rather eclectic which means it includes a lot of genres ( types) of writing,literature and topics.

If the original book is a bit too difficult for you , try to read an abridged version first or even one rewritten as a graded reader ( Lots of those graded readers at the British Council  reading centre in Mandalay)

Even though I am a teacher, I sometimes enjoy graded readers too because I can find out about the plot ( storyline ) very quickly.

Enjoy !

1.  Little Men ( Louisa May Alcott )

 Review :

2. Lost Horizon ( James Hilton)

Review :

3. All of the Harry Potter books

4. The Adventures of Tin Tin   comics  ( Herge )

5. The Horse Whisperer ( Nicholas Evans )

6. How to make friends and Influence people

( Dale Carnegie )

7. Brigdet Jones Diary   ( Helen Fielding )

8. The Da Vinci Code   ( Dan Brown )

9.  Anawrahta of Burma  ( Khin Myo Chit )

10. The Thirty Carat Diamond and other stories

    ( Khin Myo Chit )

11. Julius Caesar ( William Shakespeare)

12. Kim ( Rudyard Kipling )

13. The Jungle Book ( Rudyard Kipling)

Kipling also wrote the poem ” ( On the Road to) Mandalay”and made this city’s  name known all over the world as it has been taught in schools in many English speaking countries. .The words of the poem :

 And please notice that Kipling is talking about Mawlamyaing ( Moulmein) not Mandalay . And the writer was a real to-the-core imperialist.The bugger probably never was in Mandalay.

14. The Old Man and the Sea ( Ernest Hemingway )

15. The Happy Prince  ( Oscar Wilde)

16. 20,000 leagues under the sea ( Jules Verne )

17. Satanic Verses (Salman Rushdie )No abridged or graded reader version of this

18. The God of Small Things ( Arundhati Roy) 

19. The Lonely  Planet  Travel Guides

20.  Norwegian Woods ( Haruki Marukami )

21. Murder on the Nile ( Agatha Christie  ) Actually all the books are entertaining ! 

22. A Christmas Carol ( Charles Dickens )

23. The Burman ( Shway Yoe )

24.   She was a queen  ( Maurice Collis )

25.   7 Habits of highly effective people ( Steven Covey )

26.   7 Habits of highly effective teenagers ( Sean Covey )

27.    Reform and the Reformers / Herald of Freedom
          ( Henry David Thoreau)
28.   Empire of the Sun   ( J.G Ballard )
29.   Burmese Days ( George Orwell )
30.   Dracula         ( Bram Stoker )
31.   Original Short Stories   ( Guy de Maupassant )
32.   Memoirs of a Geisha     ( Arthur Golden  )
34.   Rendezvous with Rama  ( Arthur C Clarke )

Please write and tell us about any good books you’ve read lately.

But remember, you can also read anything and everything ,labels , signboards, menus, schedules, catalogues,brochures,magazines, manuals,newspapers,advertisements ,websites online  and even what’s written on T-shirts although most of it is meaningless ( I mean the stuff on T-shirts but you have to be careful about the rest too) 

Read in Burmese too. Buy books and have your own little library. Visit a bookshop buy the books first . Remember you don’t need to read them immediately. Read them when you’ve got the flu, plain bored,can’t go out for some reason. Books don’t need electricity to be read either. LOL LOL LOL.

These kind of books/topics  benefit everyone too .


(2) Psychology 

(3) History

(4) Travel

(5) General Knowledge

(6) Marketing

(7) Sociology.

(8) Biographies of famous people.

 (9) Collections of Detective / Mystery/ Horror stories

(10) Books and Articles About Myanmar ( Your own country ! ) 

(11)  Culture /Religion /Philosophy


Don’t buy textbooks that you will never read or more than one dictionary. If you need a dictionary, get one with a thesaurus (lots of similar meanings in it )

A language Activator like the one from Longman publishers is good too.   

 Make a list of all the things you want to read or find out about 


if you can’t buy a book on a subject/topic that interests  that you , find that topic in Wikipedia ,print it out and read it later. Keep a file of everything too.

You know, I once read this somewhere :

” A person who doesn’t read is no better than a person who can’t read ”

I think that is true

So,  if you are too LAZY to read anything else , you are always welcome to READ the posts in THIS BLOG regularly.



~ by bestmandalay on May 5, 2007.

2 Responses to “Some Books For Students To Read”

  1. dear USL

    any rules for academic writing? i’m going to sit for IELTS. I’d like to show some of my writings to u. u wanna look? that will be great if u point out the mistakes in my writings.

  2. Go ahead Midori, paste your writings in a comment box and I’ll get back to you. Read a lot to get ideas too.

    Try to have your own opinion on everything and give reasons why you think think that way.

    And don’t forget to capitalize certain words like you did in the comment above.


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