Reading Tips

1.  Don’t read every word. Just the important nouns and verbs.

2.  Try to guess the meaning of some words from the surrounding words , pictures  and graphs etc.

3.   Know that the main topic/points  of an article  are in the starting sentences and last      paragraphs. and mostly at the start of each paragraph.

4.  Read all kinds of writing as in last post.

5.  Try to think what you can  infer from the text and what the author implies . ( more abt that later. It’s also called reading between the lines.)

6.  Don’t translate every word

7.  Don’t believe in everything that is written /  published /in a book or newspaper.

    Think of the author’s purpose of writing that piece. Does she or he want you to believe in something that is against common sense ? or giving you true or verifiable facts or just opinions ? or stating half-truths or total lies?  or trying to manipulate you in any way  ?

Lots of stuff that is written ( and said ) looks good and logical on the first read but read it a few more times and  it can turn out to be a lot of rubbish. Don’t make me give examples !  LOL LOL LOL .

8. Think how you can use the information read and how it affects you, your family ,your  country and the world.

9.   Read silently not aloud 

10. Try to put what the author writes into your own words.

11. Start from a reading level of difficulty that you are comfortable with. Not something too difficult or too easy.

12. Read what you like ,what you are interested in.


~ by bestmandalay on May 7, 2007.

One Response to “Reading Tips”

  1. Hmmmmmmmm……these are really good ideas

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