We are relocating ( which means : moving )

We are moving the school to the 4th Floor of the Yadanarbon Market starting from June 1st, so I’m really busy with all the preparations . 

It’s Rooms 433 and 435 . Bigger rooms and better facilities , Especially electricity-wise. The view of the Sagaing Hills  is  really nice too.

Hey you know this climate change thing ,you know, its really happening.  This is supposed to be the really hot and baking season but we’ve had overcasts,whipping winds and light rain for 2 days now.The roads are terribly broken down . And Pyin OO Lwin / Maymyo has had a deluge flood of rain.    




~ by bestmandalay on May 11, 2007.

5 Responses to “We are relocating ( which means : moving )”

  1. hope u enjoy ur new place. 🙂 better than old one, right?

  2. sir, so u mean relocate the whole school, huh. how about summer school???

  3. to Yadanarbon Market?ah………so we have to pay for parking fee……….

    my heart so pain…………………..hiiiiii

  4. The new place is nicer than my old place .
    I haven’t thought abt the Summer school yet , will do tho.
    Sorry abt the parking fee but the facilities will be much better and you will enjoy the shopping etc too.

  5. Master Yoda,

    It’s been a long time since I dropped in, and you’ve put a lot more. I can’t read them all for school has started.

    Anyway, nice thing moving the class into an air-coned room. But the bad thing is that I’ll have to pay parking fees if I had to come on my bike.

    Young Jet-I

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