What’s up here ?

Hi everyone, I have been a little busy lately with getting the new school premises ready for opening on the 2nd of June. Also I had a trip to Yangon to see my mum which was nice but was the weather, really hot and humid. I was soaked in perspiration (sweat) nearly all the time I was there. I know Mandalay can be hot too but the hot muggy heat and humidity in Yangon really got to me. The new school premises are on the 4th floor of the

Yadanarbon Market. We have 2 big classrooms, an office and a fine view from there, drop by if you can.Also seminars this month. There was Inswold School from Singapore which specializes in  “O” and “A: level prep and also Kaplan APMI which runs CAT and ACCA courses and Business diplomas and degrees.  At Best Language School we are introducing a new course, Diploma in Hospitality Management [F& B ] or  Restaurant Management in conjunction [ together with]  AEC  or Asia Education Consortium.It is a great course and I hope we get at least about ten students for the first batch. They study for 3 months in Mandalay ,then 3 months in Singapore, after that it is paid job attachments.When I was young we never had opportunities or even heard of things like that.

 Different times ,I guess.  I also gave a talk on studying abroad. Lots of kids want to do that and I don’t blame them if they want to either  In the next 2 months I am also thinking of teaching the Cambridge GSCE“O” Levels.I will have some of the young and best teaching talent in Upper Myanmar working together with me. It’s going to be a lot of work but I know I’ll enjoy it. 

Although we are much busier than usual, it does not mean we do not have time for students or visitors .It is just that we have  to manage our time better .And I think when the new school stuff settles down , I’ll have lots more time to write in my blog and talk to visitors. Here in Mandalay it’s been raining a bit everyday. Not seasonal the rains that we’re having at the moment. The roads are in a  horrible state though.
Mandalay people are going to have to change their habit of not going out or to school if this pattern of regular rainy weather goes on. 

And thank you readers from in Myanmar and all over the world for all your comments .For all visitors from abroad, the best months to visit Mandalay are middle of October to the end of February. Pagoda festivals ,cool nights and days of perfect weather.I can’t wait ! By the way , all you  football fans out there ,who do you think is going to win the Champions League final this Thursday ?
Liverpool or AC Milan ?  I’m going to spend half the night in front of the telly watching that match.
Well, that’s all for now.



~ by bestmandalay on May 23, 2007.

5 Responses to “What’s up here ?”

  1. I think Liverpool can not be lucky again….how do you think?

  2. I think it will be a very close match. Liverpool need to be very good but if they go behind this time there’s no coming back . If they score first I think they have a chance.


  3. Ac Milion is the Champioin for 2007 Champions League…..so 2007 is the great time for Ac fans…I think Chelsea will take this turn on next coming season……….


  4. hi,sir

    the football season is going to finish…have you chacked how much you got in this season……

  5. Are there any nice and young new teachers?

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