Hiya there everybody

Sorry that I haven’t been able to write for some time because I have been very busy. Well I was is YGN for 24 hours going through the hassle of  applying for a passport. Weather was very humid there  . Mandalay has not seen rain for some time now. Still hot . I’d say 35-39 C.

An American friend of mine from  Hawaii , Dean got married to a Burmese girl,Mie Mie at the KyanKin monastery ,traditional style. Very nice wedding and was very impressed with him ,wearing the traditional white Burmese jacket and longyi.

Lots of my students are off to Singapore this month for their studies. The world is certainly becoming a much smaller place.

And surprise !surprise ! we have had regular electricity for 3 days at my house( except for a-two-hour break ) although that doesn’t apply to all the neighborhoods in this town. 

My wife left me with the school and kids and went off for a week traisping around Thailand . She needed the break I guess. But has come back to nag me now

And I have made myself go to a gym.

Yes after eating all that barbeque and not realy avoiding beer I have put on some pounds . Now I will lose some for a change . My buddies say “fat chance of that happening”. 

Well ,for all you students, here’s  a good site   www.englishclub.com.   CHECK IT OUT ! 

And to all my students out here have fun ! and study hard !




~ by bestmandalay on July 11, 2007.

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