When is the football (soccer to the Americans )season starting?

I am a football fan without a game to watch.

Well not exactly, just no EPl games to watch I mean , I did watch Thailand vs. Australia in the AFC competition last night ,but it was a no-brainer. 3-0 win to Australia. With the likes of Cahill ,Viduka and Kewell all lining up for shots at the Thai goal the result was a rather foregone conclusion even before the match started. But the Thais did hold out for about 30minutes before the goal and only went ragged in the last 15 minutes of play. Their right winger looked good .

I guess I could’ve  watched  the Copa America games too but being up that late at night ain’t easy with a full-time  job and some. 

I can’t wait for August 5 . That’s when ManU go up against Chelsea in the Community Shield . ManU won the Premiership last year . So my readers , do you think that they could do it again ? 

Anyways I am twiddling my thumbs on Saturday and Sunday evenings with this great hole in my chest.

I guess I need my weekly footie fix real bad.




~ by bestmandalay on July 17, 2007.

3 Responses to “When is the football (soccer to the Americans )season starting?”

  1. WIl Thailand go up to Quartal in this situation?I am a fan of Thailand….

  2. Anyway, I do not support ManU.

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