Movie Show

Today we have a movie show at school , the first of many more to come .

I’ve been wanting to do them for some time but couldn’t afford the projector and didn’t have the space . Now that I have both ,it’s SHOWTIME  

The kids wanted something that had ” action” in it . I wanted somethng that would include a bit of history and geography . So we settled on ” Gladiator” with Russell Crowe .

 I give a little lecture with a a slide show on Romans blah blah blah …..before it begins and there will be a  quiz afterwards with the winners getting  little prizes i.e. chocolate chip cookies.



~ by bestmandalay on July 22, 2007.

One Response to “Movie Show”

  1. Hi,sir.
    yes,i really like that movie N it also give me how to struggle for life n never give up to enemies.Teacher,u know,u teach us many many things n i also learn a lot from u.u give us knowledge abt life n soecity.
    u provide us not only English learning but also information about education from other countries.take care of ur students n i know there are also many students love u n respect to u.of coz,i m the one in those.There’s no one talk to me n tell me before n i also don understand how hard to do the work n how to manage the time.u r one of the person who i admire.i always talking about to my friends abt ur teaching n how much i inspire.
    hee …hee….teacher,u may think i m talking a lot,right?
    When ll the next movie?i sure tat i ll come to see.Ha ha…..!
    i can’t lose anything u teach us.i ll always remember ur advice.n i hope i can do well n keep going.Hope u happy.

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