Well I am busy

Sorry guys that I have not been able to write or post as much as I would like to.

The things that are keeping me away from the blog :

1. 5 kinds of different classes

It’s like waiting in the dead of the nights for screams

2. Lots of homework marking

Dark skies blowing looming our way

3. Exams/ tests

A test of the greatest kind

4, Welcoming and Farewell parties

more like farewells and anguish mixed with steely looks

5.Receptions and what not

the kind of reception to be met is quite clear

6. Teacher-training and supervising them as they start to teach their own classes.

Preparing myself for the news or wailing

I haven’t even had time or the energy to tell my kids bedtime stories. My younger daughter says that I am ” shirking my fatherly duties”. LOL LOL

I wish them success in their endeavours

But I hope things will simmer down by late November. Oh I can’t wait for those cool crystal clear nights, and of course : Bedtime stories !

Praise beyond words


the next morn

The wait has ended

But the tears have not !



~ by bestmandalay on September 18, 2007.

One Response to “Well I am busy”

  1. Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what’s a pity!

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