Well, you could say that I have been neglecting the blog for some time. And you would be right. But……anyway

Here goes with ……

What went on in Mandalay recently !

 a summary…… of what I remember……

Not much happening, last  month that includes activities at the school, general events in this town, mellow I’d say .

Except for the Kyauk Taw Gyi  Pagoda Festival which was in full swing. Totally crowded. Seems that people, especially younger people haven’t had some good fun in a while and I’m glad that they looked like they were enjoying themselves on the full-moon night of Thadingyut at the above-mentioned festival .

The weather has changed just yesterday from an unbearably hot state to real nice and cool breezy situation.

I took a short trip again to Maymyo with the kids. Always as relaxing and refreshing as usual . My friend, Chris was building boarding school quarters when we popped in to his place.

 I have been urging the students to join libraries and learn some practical / marketable skills, I’m happy that some have done so too.

I wonder what most people think of the economic future of this region ? any ideas ?   I , for one, do not think that tourism, although and easy way of bringing in  foreign exchange, is  that important to the long-term economic future of a country, given the minuses that it has .

Your thoughts on this please….

Another thing that I noticed about Myanmar students who go abroad ( especially those from upper Myanmar ) is that they never write emails to me ? What might be the reason (s) for this ? I will try to find out in the comings weeks.

That’s all for now . See you everyone


~ by bestmandalay on November 16, 2007.

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  1. Dear sayar!!

    Pls accept my apology.ur last sentence hit me,at the same time i am so cheerful that u really remember your students,To be honest we don’t have much time to contact each other.But U are always in our soul, coz everyday we communicate each other in English.

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