Somethings Myanmar students going abroad should know

Well if you are a Myanmar student , thinking of going abroad for study then work , here are some things you should know and think about :

(1) Myanmar students like to rely on others /elders too much and complain about small things. So if you like to depend on others for everything (jobs/ accomodation ,household chores,cooking ,school assignments etc.. ) and complain that/when everything is not perfect and convenient: going abroad for work and study is certainly not for you.

(2) People go abroad to work and study abroad because there are many more opportunities not because life is easy and getting jobs is easy.Most kids from here think it is easy. I assure you it is NOT EASY. If you don’t have the required skills and temperament ,you wouldn’t even find work here in Myanmar !

(3) Your level of English must be very good and that takes time and effort . Most kids here attend one basic level conversation class and think they are ready to be accepted into the world of work.

(4) Most Myanmar kids stay within their small circle of Myanmar friends and do not network or join in social,school or other activities, therefore they lose out on assistance, information and opportunities that come through personal contacts and the grapevine.

(5) Many Myanmar students don’t read, they don’t buy and read newspapers or anything of substance , the consequences of quite clear : ignorance of the world and change.

(6) You must learn to handle the pressures of school assignments,finding work and the workplace itself. Many kids from Myanmar think they are under great pressure when faced with a challenge or difficulty.

So I will ask them a question :

Who is under greater pressure , a female cyclone victim with 2 kids who are sick and malnourished ,whose husband died in the cyclone and whose farm and living has been destroyed with no money and skills


you, student whose parents have sent you abroad with sufficient funds to study and work ?

Put things in perspective and deal with those problems

So think about the points I have brought up here !

I wish you all success.

( News of cyclone and etc.. coming up soon )


~ by bestmandalay on May 23, 2008.

One Response to “Somethings Myanmar students going abroad should know”

  1. Dear sayar!

    Thank u so much for ur opnion.It is truth life is not easy living abroad.Here nobody will not spotlight to get the right way.Every single problems have to solve by self, but we can see our brighter future in abroad.AM i right!!!!!!!

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