New School address and Tel no.

First :Our condolences for all who have lost family & friends because of the Nargis Cyclone and our love and encouragement to the survivors.

And now….

Hi everyone ! Ever since the great fire of February 25. 2008 Best Language school and I has been very busy , relocating etc..  and not even much time to work on the old blog..

I give you our new address :

No. 301 , 3rd Fl, Ray World office Complex

Btw: 32 & 33rd sts. and 77th & 78th streets.

Te no: 02-72467 ext: 301,

(The old phone numbers don’t work anymore )

( The preschoolers and kiddie classes are in 78th st)

As you see in the last post , we are thinking of recruiting a member of staff from another country and I am doing lots of teacher training. I believe in a lot of training for the teachers , the more they know and can do in class the happier and more  professional they are and for the students well … you know what I mean !

We have wound down the Summer school for this year in both MDY and Monywa  and at the  bye bye ceremony  on the stage of Hotel Mandalay the kids gave a great show of dance, series of short skits, songs including ” The Concert Etiquette Rap  ” and the Myoma Youth Choir entertained us too ! ( Thanks Parami ! )

For Sat-Sun kiddie classes that run the whole year, we are doing : English , Maths, Music ( with incomparable  Music Teacher and Musician Mr Parami Shoon )  dance classes  , Arts and Crafts and soon  Science and social studies using an international syllabus….

Don’t ask me what kind of school we are , I don’t know what to call it myself. It’s more than a language school with the pre-school and kids classes but anyway we would like to inform you that all teachers are doing their BEST …

We are still running F & B diploma courses in conjunction with AEC Business school in Spore and student numbers are  quite OK.

Lots more projects in the pipeline .

Ta for now !


~ by bestmandalay on June 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “New School address and Tel no.”

  1. Dear Saya,
    Would love to visit your school the next time we’re in Burma which is in 2 and a half weeks. Please let us know if we could bring any books of interest to you.
    I informed an NGO here in the U.S. that sponsors Burmese students to study abroad of your school’s existence. They might be in touch with you.
    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Saya,

    i found out that you are working in Burma. as the matter of fact, our group “painforgain (www.painforgain)” is looking for certain under the radar school in Burma, coz we would like to raise money for them as our new fundraising program in 2009. could you be kind to provide us certain best schools to support?

    we are looking forward to hear from you

    Thank You


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