New Posts Relayed from Singapore

Hi everyone!

This is not U Soe Lwin but rather his younger brother writing, and poorly it is, on his behalf.    He has not been able to log-on for new posts for a while now, about two months, so he is now going to post new articles by means of relaying them off me, from Singapore.

He went to Myauk U, last week.,an alternative location for his trip to Angkor Wat in Cambodia and his shopping spree for books in Thailand was postponed by the thousands of demonstrators at the Bangkok airport.

Check out some of his photos here.

And by the way you can check out my blogs too,  they are carrying a lot of his photos (that was before we came up with this idea!) []

The first photo is of the Rakhine Myat Muni Buddha Image, it’s not the famous one in Mandalay, mind you !

Tattos of Bodayguard

Tattos of Bodyguard

Somewhere in Myauk U

Ko Thaung Pagoda, Mrauk U

Down Town Sittwe

Downtown Sittwe

Lawka Man Aung Pagoda

Lawka Man Aung Pagoda in Mrauk U


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