Scholarship links

For students looking for scholarships, here are some sites that may help you out :

Here is some other stuff that may be of help :
Donor Country specific
United States                  : Fullbright scholarships, Humphrey scholarships
United Kingdom               : British Chevening scholarships, British Council scholarships
Japan                             : Mobusho scholarships, JICA
Government of Germany  : DAAD scholarships.
Asian Development Bank : scholarship scheme for candidates from ADB member countries
Singapore                       : ASEAN post graduate scholarships, MOE scholarships
Thailand                         : King, Queen, Princess Siridon scholarships
University or Graduate school specific fellowships for mid-career professionals
Harvard Kennedy School of Governance fellowships
Yale fellowships
NUS LKY school Master of Public Management fellowships has LKY fellowships and
Temasak scholarships for its Master of Public Policy candidates
Cambridge trust fund from Gates foundation
Gates foundation

I hope all that helps !



~ by bestmandalay on December 7, 2008.

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  1. learn from website for more knowledges

  2. Thank You for leading me

  3. I am starting to know where to find scholarship now

  4. Thanks so much for knowledge

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