House-hunting in MDY

Loads of bad ones
Lots of tacky ones
Many expensive ones ( grand mansions built by /for a ____  baron )
A lot of unlivable ones
Far-off ones surrounded by paddy fields and other unlived-in houses

Tons of poorly built ones
Crowds of careless owners
Some domiciles said to be haunted
Heaps of heat absorbing concrete-paved compounds bereft of plants

Run-down ones
Paint-peeling off  living-space-less ones
Some in dire need of a major refurbishment
Some just ready and waiting to be torn down
Some should have never been built
Some are warehouses masquerading as residences
Some are just hole-in -the wall whatever you wanna call them

No condos
No serviced apartments
No rent-wise mid-priced flats

Water is got thru manning the pumps when electricity is on in the dead of the night  for a few minutes
Electricity is now ( 10th of December 2008) for only 2 hours a day
I shudder to think of what will happen to us in summer @ 36*C + in the shade

Eye-sores galore
Unready & unfinished ones
Soul-less and depressing ones
Unsafe and security-less ones :Leave home a few hours and all your posessions carted-off
Ones surrounded by mosquitoe-breeding grounds
Drains and pools of stagnant water just screaming :  “Dengue ! ”

The ones that have character and comforts are few and  far in between
The best ones are those in which the owners themselves live
A dozen in the whole town that are perhaps decent and affordable

The good ones are all ” TAKEN”
And taken ” YESTERDAY” to boot !

The brokers are be-diamonded ladies with bee-hive hair-dos driving old Land-rovers
Younger ones with mobiles and motorcycles, jabbering house locations and conditions
All trying to talk up the “advantages” of places and hoping we’ll decide on a house asap
Some silently swearing at us for being “choosy”
Flattering us, then urging us to buy the mansion around the corner for a few mil…
Rolling their eyes behind our backs when we say : ” Lets see another place .”
Gnashing their teeth, sighing, swallowing saliva
Steeling themselves for trip across town  for the next viewing at the next place

We criss-cross the town in vain
But one good / decent / acceptable / livable / not too expensive one will be there for us
We call our friends to call their friends etc..
We send our scouts ( real estate brokers / agents ) out tomorrow again

And hope


~ by bestmandalay on December 11, 2008.

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