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Man, it has been quite some time since I last posted. But here I am again ! Quite a few things have kept me occupied …. Like a ball-shooting game called Zuma which took me 2 months to conquer…. and other more serious stuff like………. David from New Zealand has joined our staff here at Best Language School.

Travels and what not
I went to Angkor with me mum .. Twas a great place… breathtaking carving… and there I visited Ta Prom ,the hindu temple where Angelina Jolie filmed Tomb Raider. Siem Reap was a touristy place but clean and convenient mostly.But the numbers of tourists there : unbelievable !

Bangkok on the way back was.. well … Bangkok ! Tuk-tuks, crowds etc etc . Kinokuniya bookstore was treat though. I also dropped into Ayudhya which once the Burmese had sacked again and again.Some had warned me that Burmese / Barbarians from the west were still not that welcome there. Nevertheless, My mum and I spoke Burmese loudly while exploring the ruins of temples there. We were overheard by a shop assistant who came from Burma and she gave us a whopping 70% discount on souvenirs ! There are so many people from here working over there in Thailand… a pity… surely a pity. I empathize their struggles and recognize their courage.

Back in B….
Also in March, my family went on a trip to Taunggyi for a few days : delicious weather and food there and witnessed a buddhist novitation ceremony of a nephew.

Was originally suppose to go Putao / Fort Hertz, way north of Myitkyina and try to get to the snowy foothills of the Himalayas during the April holidays but couldn’t for a lot of reasons. Will try to get there again in the coming years !

So instead during the Water festival we rented a truck for 2 days for all the staff to enjoy being drenched and baked in the sun. One young female teacher from my staff took too big a swig of whatever toddy a young male teacher offered and started throwing up and etc. I pretended not to notice…

The recession seems to have hit Mandalay hard too. The fashion shops seem to be deserted. At my school from February to May, student numbers were way down but now they are picking up a bit.We are resilient bunch of ….. well whatever and will surely weather this downturn. The economy of Myanmar never ever has been that great, so experiencing it going down is something we’re used to rather than boom times. Our annual school bash for the summer kids program had to do without refreshments this year as a money-saving measure but our children’s choir was angelic …. their singing made up for the school’s lack of budget many times over. Totally cool these kids were and I thank Saya Parami for the super care, prep and work he has done withe kids…. Smashing they were…. we are recruiting more kids and soon will have the ” Mandalay Children’s Choir”.

The exodus of those who can, to work and study in S’pore has slowed down drastically but it will surely pick up again.

Weather-wise in Mandalay we had just about 2 days of rain at the beginning of May and that was it . Phut !! No more….. a major drought.. with winds blowing the clouds away … now the winds have died down and we are left with only energy-sapping heat… Friends visiting from Germany have really suffered.

I hope to write more and promise that I will, in the future…. I hope you enjoyed the photos stuck up on the blog too… Will stick up more fotos once I figure out how to to do so with the buttons in WordPress.They seem to have changed a bit since last time !

Best Wishes to everybody….


~ by bestmandalay on July 26, 2009.

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