There’s me in a pic in this post !

No prizes for correctly guessing which pic is of me !
Most of these images are from around Mandalay. I try to not to take pictures of the sights which are already on a million websites but try to portray from own poor perspective a bit of what it is like to live here in Mandalay and Upper Myanmar/Burma. All you guys and girls out there,around the world from Mandalay and whereabouts, please do enjoy my stuff…. it is a joy and honour to able to show you a bit of home.
My photography technique is still poor but if it at least these pics give you a few minutes of delight, I too am real happy.

But if they make you more homesick …. well…



~ by bestmandalay on December 13, 2009.

One Response to “There’s me in a pic in this post !”

  1. This is your best combination of photographs, I believe. Your eye for photos is improving, and your perspective is wonderful-especially in your portrait photos. You have a beautiful country. Full of beautiful people. Good Work.

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