Spring ? Sprang ? Sprung ?

Feb 2012 blabbing o’ mine :

1. I am glad that some who visited this country have had a good time.

2. No vacancies at my school for now, sorry guys , for all the hoopla in the news ,there has been no economic result that directly affects lowly people like us in Myanmar as so many still cannot afford learning  !
Actually I see that so many kids instead play computer games… en masse at game centers for whole days ……My…. that is what is in these days… can’t complain tho if it keeps them off class A drugs……

3. Funnily, today, the first day it is a bit hot in Mandalay there is a city-wide blackout LMAO !

4. For people thinking of visiting or etc….here and need of news about this country a bit different from CNN and BBC, I advise reading : http://www.irrawaddy.org,    http://www.mizzima.com,     http://www.dvb.no and     http://asiapacific.anu.edu.au/newmandala/ for a bit of background…..

5. And innit nice that the gov’nor of this country is gonna let in locust-like hordes of well-educated , technologically superior, uber-competitive people from aboad who are funded by easy credit to  “help”  the people of this country……. man !  the people of this place don’t know what they are in for….I just hope the old girl understands that it don’t matter being subjugated by ammo or cash …. the result is pretty much gonna be the same …..

6. And lastly,me grandly suggesting required reading for all those who would like to come here and do business and etc…. Orwell’s “Burmese Days” would be a good start. and does it have some juicy tidbits :

after all, natives were natives – interesting, no doubt, but finally…an inferior people.”
the lie that we’re here to uplift our poor black brothers instead of to rob them.

Of course no-one gonna be that elegantly honest these days but ….


~ by bestmandalay on February 11, 2012.

3 Responses to “Spring ? Sprang ? Sprung ?”

  1. USL

    M-zzima is doing a look at language schools in Burma for an upcoming (soon) article a new publication. Is there any chance we could ask you a bunch of questions (would have to be soon). Doesn’t have to use names. Can you contact me at the email?


  2. hi! my question is off topic, i hope you can give me information, i have been surfing the net to find info but still can’t: is there a ayeyarwaddy international school in mandalay? could you please give me the address and contact numbers? thanks a lot. please reply to nishtarmagnaye@yahoo.com

  3. Dear Saya,

    Greetings from Pyinnya Shway O, Yangon. As in past years, we are offering scholarships to students who wish to study in China, in english medium. We recommend student who have finished Higher School, are 18 years old and have IELTS 7.0, Classes are taught in English, available subjects in English medium , Bachelor of civil eningeering, Bachelor of Intl eco and Trade, Bach of Marketing.
    In the past year, we have recommended students from Lashio, Dawei, Myitkyinar and Yangon and they are studying with Scholarships now.
    Contact 09-73 100 144.
    Most importantly, there is no service fee .
    With respects,

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