What’s changed in Myanmar in the past months ? FREE articles about and FREE photos of Myanmar !

Well, to answer my own question, I would have to say :

1. Electricity supply seems to be regular ( at least in Yangon and Mandalay)

2. I can now access the web from my phone

3. Many sites that were deemed to be critical of Myanmar and its govenors are now accessible

4. Many people especially foreigners seem upbeat about the future. The locals dont seem that happy cos it is still the big crony companies that hog all biz here , land gets confisticated with gov approval for no recompense, Myanmar TV is still horribly boring….jobs and credit for the young still rare as rubies… the chinese gas pipeline is like a giant hedgehog burrowing under and all around the country and has really ruined my environs……a total blight upon us and daylight robbery it is…. a warning to future generations … that the shite of ur grand-daddies lives on even tho their bones may be dust in the wind !

5. Domestic print media seems a bit freer than in the past but then sued for defamation as soon as they write something critical…..

6. Private high schools allowed to open and recruit but have not been officially approved to operate and are in limbo as  of time of writing…

7. Cars cost less but we Burmese are still paying prices for ten year old jalopies from Japan that others pay for the latest set of new wheels.Bugger those import taxes …. but at the same time Yangon seems to be a great big traffic jam now….

8. Nothing concerning education in this country has improved yet….. its still rote memorization and eternal pursuit of distinctiions ( credits ) …. which according to me is bloody shite……..

9. Mandalay – Yangon buses are nicer ; meaning some are roomier and don’t cause my legs to cramp up and muscle-lock.

10. More fancy shopping malls in YGN and MDY …. mostly filled with gawkers ….as most of the populace is still just above penniless… but these  places have A/C to cool off in …

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G’day all


~ by bestmandalay on August 3, 2012.

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