Best Language School

Welcome to the  Best Language School ,Mandalay blog. It’s by me, the gnarled,old, bespectacled and nearly , I’d say almost , just overweight  U Soe Lwin and  all the cool and good-looking students.

Best language School is a  small but special school  in Mandalay offering great quality language education here .

 You can attend Basic Spoken English Courses. TOEFL , IELTS , Business English courses and anything else I conjure up for the occasion , no ,no that’s a joke. But we are really serious about education , learning and having fun here . 

Our addresses  :

Roooms 433/435 RayWorld Complex , 4th fl Yadanarbon Market 78thst, Btw:33rd & 34th Sts Mandalay

Tel: 02-89550 Ext 437  ,09-516-5388

 No.10 3rd/4th flrs , NanYadanar Bldg, 37th st ; Btw: 78th & 79th sts, Mandalay. Tel: 951-02-36596

Pop in, drop in  , or give us  a call or write us a comment.  Anytime ! ( But 8am -7pm would be BEST  ! )

Find out at our school how to go to schools like TMIS ( Tourism management Institute of Singapore), Nanyang Institute of Management, Informatics , Inswold School and much more . 


38 Responses to “Best Language School”

  1. Hi there, U Soe Lwin and Daw Thin Thin

    Great to see your website/blog is up and running and active. I’ve known you for about 15 years, and still(!) consider your language centre the BEST there is in Mandalay. Congratulations on all your successes, with many more to follow!!

    With regards


  2. my teacher

    How are you.I hope you are well

  3. Hello

    any suggestions abt summary? may i kindly request ur guide on how to write a summary. and some examples too. That will be great if u can teach online 😀 (using ur blog as a teaching tool)


  4. Midori
    I’ll have a post on that subject soon.
    Are there any more topics ur interested in ?
    I’ll write everything up asap


  5. sorry for my late reply.
    Pls put up facts abt IELTS ( some dos n dont’s).


  6. Midori

    Everything you want to know about IELTS is here :
    But if you have any specific questions I would be happy to answer them.

    For summary writing :

    And writing in general :


  7. USL

    nothing special. just popping in for new updates.

    englishclub is a good site. thanks

  8. Hi sir,How’re you doing?Are u still gaining more weight or not?Now I’m in Singapore and study at TMIS.And I become used to it now.One last thing ,hee hee I ‘d like to know your e-mail address.Cause I forgot it already.And I want to ask someone who is work in insworld school .A burmese lady ,her name and email. uhhh..sir do you read these comment daily or weekly.hope you can see my comment !

  9. Hi Khine Pyi Soe

    My email is

    The lady at Inswold is Daw Khin Myat Kyawt and why do u want to know her e-mai ?

    It’ s good to know you’ve settled down nicely in Singapore.

    No I have not gained weight, on the contrary I have lost weight by exercising at a gym .


  10. what!!! exercising at gym? Can’t believe it!! U got time to do that?

  11. Hi,teacher.I want to know about website of English magazines.

  12. let me kindly says hello to u ….have u been well these days?
    i’ll never get over ur kindness that u were support to me about education and others…
    some news are really moving about mdy in ur web….i wish u could do it better and better.
    with regards
    wai myo thant (ur student)

  13. Hi
    I want to help my Myanmese friend who’s in Singapore learn English. Right now her English is really choppy and we have difficulty understanding each other. I looked thru websites & bookstores but they only have English to Burmese books. I think it would be more helpful if there are Burmese to English sites / information / books so she could learn English. Could you give me some information so I could help her? Thanks. Look forward to hearing from you guys, pls drop me an email ASAP. Thanks again.

  14. Dear Sir,

    I like to change your wrong telephone number 00951,It should be 00952.

    I will come and see you soon.Takecare

  15. Hi,

    do you know about schools / courses to learn burmese in Mandalay? I am very interested in it but could not find any information online yet.


  16. Boris I assume you are German or Austrian so I will introduce you to a friend who is German and has learned Burmese and has lived and worked here for many years . I’ll give you his email address by email.

  17. Teacher !!u know i wanted to see your website by the time you told the reality ,i have to do exercise at Olympic but i didn’t go there …because i wanna to see your website as soon as the TOFEL class was over .teacher..may I know your gtalk ??please .so that i can keep in contact with you when i am studying in Singapore …..

  18. hi teacher,
    is there any websites you know about singapore education?
    and websites about toefl??
    do you how to register toefl exam?
    and where can i do registeration??
    btw, do you only have only one gmail?
    Have a nice day!!!

  19. my teacher.
    thank you for the teach. i am very plead to by which you.Do you know? i want to see your website by the time.I’ll give you his email address by email.Take care of your health.

  20. Hi!
    I would like to know the pretest date of IELTs . I have already known this pretest will be held in August. Which day and time. Before, I want to know whether this could be get registered on time or not.

    All the best
    Jue Jue

  21. hello Sir,

    I’m one of your student.Now i’m working and studying in singapore.I hope you will remember me.I’m really glad to see this website.i put this web to my favorite.Take care sir.i pray for you to lose your belly as soon as possible.haa haa…c u sir.

  22. Hello,

    I would like to invite you to join the Myanmar Wikipedia community.


    Aung Kyaw

  23. I am very happy to apply this wed you did. I do congratulate all you do in good deeds. So, I will be the greatest scholar as a means of helping by you.
    Sayar… All of your time,
    Can be ever fine,
    One day,
    If I were in the sky,
    All I did is I”ll say,
    Being as your gun,
    I always keep these in my mind,
    Then I can die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. sayar
    please weight your body really to be fine al;l of your time.

  25. Hi , Dear USL

    How are you doing lately ? I hope u’re having good days . I’m quite seldom do sendin’ email to you, but as on behalf of this i’m turin’ on ur web every now and then which make me really moving on . I heard some about you that losing weight on ur comments,how’s it ? ( kiddin’).I’m doing fine too in singapore .By the way, i was wonderin’ if you could give me some english learnin’ web.
    okie. see u soon ,
    Wai Myo Thant

  26. Dear U Soe Lwin,

    I really enjoyed looking at your blog. I visited Myanmar a couple years ago and spent about a week in Mandalay. It is a wonderful city.

    I’m a teacher in the United States and I’m really interested in what it’s like to be a teacher in Myanmar. The students I saw there seemed so polite and respectful of teachers. Do you know any other teachers in Myanmar who write a blog about their experience teaching? I thought reading blogs like that might help me become a better teacher.

    Thanks for your help,

    • Hi Brooke,
      Thanks for dropping in to the blog ! Let me ask around to see if there are any other teachers Burmese or expat blogging and I’ll let you know. I also have an expat on my staff and will ask him if he wants to communicate his thoughts and experiences here with you.

      On your point about the respectfulness ( and sometimes its twin brother : passiveness) of students here , it is still the case for the vast majority but I know a few who are becoming overtly very unruly and a bit gangsterish. Maybe it is a sign of times. And pop culture, rap and baggy pants with in-your-face materialism may have something to do with it too. But rebels without a cause or rebels cos of their own personal circumstances they may be . It’s their own growing up they have to experience and preaching on our part may just make it worse.

      And not too long ago, some of us were like that too rebels, scoundrels and lazy bums although not as self-destructive or blatantly disrespectful. Thank all the gods we came out all right . So let’s just hope they all turn out right and can have a rapport with us teachers sooner rather than later ! I know I may sound idealistic but to be a teacher you got to have a good dose of it and face what comes to you.

      But in the meantime there are plenty students in Myanmar who want to learn and thirst for what we can give them. Let’s hope that they always remain the majority but again that may be asking too much.

      So it might be like : let’s hope the few we can get through too are enough to lead, change and better this world !

      (Please do drop in when you are round these parts again)

  27. please tell me
    I want to attend english speaking class
    but i don’t know what class is good for me
    If you have some idea for me . i am waiting for your idea

  28. Dear Sir,
    I would like to find out if yiu teach Burnese. I will be in Mandalay December 12 to December27 and would like to learn as much Burmese as possible. If you teach Burmese please send me some information and cost. If you do not teach Burmese could you please recommend a place does.
    Thanks for your help.
    Walter Sylvest

  29. Hi Teacher … How are you?
    I bless u will be fine….
    I am a student from Yatanarpon Teleport MCC….
    I like your English Language Teaching Method….
    And … I wanna talk to u something , Sir…
    Do you know ;’U Yee Zaw Hla Htay’?
    He is a manager and my uncle…..
    He said that he knew u in Mandalay….
    Glad to see u…………………….Sir,,,,,Bye….

  30. I am a mayanmar. But I am working at malaysia now. I want to learn the english language free.Can I or not. Please reply to me.


  31. Dear U Soe Lwin,

    Your language school looks excellent. I’ve heard good things about you, and reading your blog seems to confirm it 🙂 I gave a workshop in Mandalay last year (2009) via the American Center and am looking to come live and work in Burma for a while this November/December. I thought I’d ask if and when you might be looking for a fresh batch of English teachers. I’m a native speaker and almost fully TEFL certified (incl. Young Learner and Business English). I have a background in art & animation and have teaching experience in those areas. Would love to come and see what you’re doing either way when I’m up there.

    All the BEST,

  32. Hey! nice to hear such a positive character in his line of work.

    My names Davis, im a practising optimist as well in the ESL classroom.
    Im currently in Viet Nam, looking forward to coming to Mandalay in Dec 2011.
    What’s my chances in securing a teaching post there?
    Appreciate your response. Regards,

  33. Hello,
    my name is Marc from Germany. I am looking for a teaching job in Mandalay. I have been teaching for a year in China before. I can speak and try to teach, German, English, Spanish and Chinese…
    I hardly find any schoolcontacts so just wanted to as here once
    lovely greetings,

  34. Hello, I’ve just been in Myanmar (and loved it!) I made friends with a boatman on Inle Lake. He is trying very hard to learn English. I was wondering if you have any short courses he could do? I would like to help him do this. many thanks, Sue Rahilly

  35. Dear Sir,
    I am representing a Intl Language School from Greece, who operated worldwide language schools for english, german, french, italian, etc…..etc.
    My Priciple is looking for partner in Myanmar, who manage Language Schools in Myanmar like yours.
    For long term cooperation with my priciple group, please reply and contact me to send useful e-mails from them.
    Paul saw Win
    Yangon, Myanmar.
    C/o U Myint Aung Tel:01-549726

  36. Hi,
    Im an Australian living in Mandalay now and need to learn to speak Burmese…i speak some chinese but also need some extra classes. Where can i go to learn?

    • hi there,
      call and intro urself to David Brown at 09402603249 and see if he can help u with that.


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