Online dictionary and glossary

The name of the online dictionary : 

1. Well today we had a seminar

presenter                 =   person who gives a talk or presentation

guy   / fellow            =   person

prod  them to produce     =    push / encourage them to speak or ask questions

I have no idea           =   I don’t know

derogatory                =    rude , looking down on smthing/someone

accent                        =   sound /way of speaking

nod                             =  move head up and down

I guess                       =  I think

the gist got through  = understand the main points

totally                         =  completely

misunderstood          =  got the wrong idea

woeful                         = disappointing / depressing

LOL                             =   Laughing out Loud / Ha Ha Ha

actually                        =    really/ in fact

Pity  that                     =  It’s a pity that   / I’m sorry that

boring                           =   uninteresting

digestable                     =  acceptable /  understandable / learnable     

tasty                              =  (  here I mean )   acceptable / appealing 

gonna                             =   going to

posting stuff                  = writing things

before long                     = soon

having someone  do smthing  = asking / making /directing someone to smthing

cos                                     = because

figure out                          = find out / discover / understand

searing   hot                      =  very very   hot

peeling off                           =  coming off

seeps into                             = goes into /penetrates into/ is absorbed into

pores                                     =  very small holes in your skin

microwaves your innards   =  cooks your internal organs

critically                                 =  most importantly

the bean                                 = the brain

aka                                          = also known as / also called / in other words

lathered                                 = covered

drop in                                   = visit

once in a while                      = sometimes

nutty                                      = crazy

happens to strike our fancy = makes us interested

dropping by                             = coming here / visiting

2. Hope you like the layout

Layout                                = page design

fiddling around                 =  playing with /experimenting

a bit                               = a little     

relaxing                         =  peaceful / restful  ( it can also mean ” not exciting “)

what the heck                =   what the hell ( a way of emphasizing smthing )

so on                                  =   etc.

baffled                        = confused

click                             = put your computer mouse on a word/icon and press 

my next post              = my next message /article


10 Responses to “Online dictionary and glossary”

  1. a very good idea. it helps me a lot. pls put up more.


  2. yeah.. put up more or update monthly… damn useful…

  3. hello, USL
    it is a good idea, it very useful for me, u put up more and more words , ok.

  4. i love u maynw
    he he
    alll time i miss u.THX for USL
    bye bye

  5. Hello , good afternoon
    A very good idea .

  6. thank u Teacher U Soe Lwin gives me a lot of words which I don’t know ..

  7. Wow what a super!Really appreciate it.

  8. It’s a very good idea.It is very effective for all of us.Hope you put more and more words!
    Thanks for sharing knowledge.

  9. Thank u Teacher U Soe Lwin … before I’m is your student. now i want to study some speaking & writing course at email . how should i do , teacher ?

  10. why don’t you add contractions?

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